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Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Columbus, OH

Position Summary:

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. (SIOP) is hiring a new chief executive officer. SIOP is the premier membership organization for the science and practice of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology, a dynamic and growing field that applies psychological science to workplace issues at both the individual and organizational levels. The position is responsible for administering the affairs of the 9,000+ member organization, directing the activities of the fully remote, 11-person staff, implementing the policies developed by the executive board, and communicating with the membership and the executive board.


The ideal CEO candidate will embrace operational excellence and strategic leadership of a staff of 11 in support of a strategically driven, member-led association with several immediate priorities:


Preferred Qualifications:

To Apply:

Interested applicants should email the following information by June 4, 2023, to

  1. Resume
  2. Three (3) references with contact information,
  3. Two-page description of how you would approach one of SIOP’s immediate priorities listed above, including your analysis of the challenge, the steps you would take to address the priority, and your underlying assumptions
  4. Cover letter that describes your experience leading and/or executing in the following five areas:

Association strategy and governance: Contributing to and developing an execution strategy to support the growth of a large-scale professional association; monitoring, updating, and executing all required documentation (e.g., bylaws, policies) to ensure the association is in good standing; executing association processes (e.g., elections, collection of membership dues); coordinating with SIOP governance (e.g., volunteers, committee chairs, executive board); establishing and maintaining high levels of member satisfaction with the society’s administrative office; researching, designing, and launching new programs and systems designed to improve the SIOP membership experience; building and maintaining tactical and strategic partnerships with other professional associations.

Event management: Identifying and contracting hotel and event center space to support conference needs; overseeing negotiations with hotels, vendors, and sponsors; developing and executing marketing tactics to encourage conference attendance and promote visibility; planning, preparing, and managing large-scale conferences (e.g., the annual conference with 5,000+ attendees).

Financial management : Overseeing the development of an annual budget; reviewing and approving contracts, invoices, and purchases; filing tax documents; identifying opportunities for cost savings; maintaining financial and accounting records; monitoring a financial portfolio; working in partnership with the executive board to operationalize new revenue streams; calibrating income and expenses against board-defined strategic priorities and up-to-date data about member trends.

Marketing and communications: Ensuring effective communications with members, volunteers, and external stakeholders through multiple media; elevating the society’s visibility through multiple communications channels.

Administrative leadership: Recruiting, hiring, managing, coaching, and retaining staff; delegating staff to prioritize and maintain operational efficiency; aligning office staffing, contractor usage, and resource levels to current and upcoming initiatives, including infrastructure investments and staff expansions, when justified and agreed upon with the executive board; managing transformation efforts associated with large IT infrastructure switchover; supporting the SIOP Foundation and its activities.


The salary range for this position is $200k to $225k, with the starting salary based on qualifications and experience. SIOP is an affirmative action/equal employment employer.

About the Organization:

SIOP is the premier membership organization representing and promoting the science and practice of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology. Although SIOP is an independently incorporated 501(c)(6) organization with its own governance, it also represents Division 14 of the American Psychological Association (APA) and is an organizational affiliate of the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

I-O psychologists apply research that improves the well-being and performance of people and the organizations that employ them. This includes workforce planning; recruiting, selecting, and training employees; developing leaders; researching job attitudes and job motivation; implementing and improving work teams; ensuring effective diversity and inclusion; efforts and facilitating organizational culture and change.

SIOP’s Four Strategic Goals:

1. Collaborate with organization leaders, communities, and policymakers to understand and confront relevant real-world problems and translate scientific knowledge to promote individual and organizational health and effectiveness.

2. Build a diverse, inclusive, and agile SIOP that maximizes our impact through effective people, process, technology, and data infrastructure.

3. Use and strengthen our ability to gather, energize, and align all those invested in understanding and improving work and workplace issues in ways that inspire action and inclusive dialogue.

4. Create an ecosystem that generates future I-O psychology capabilities to advance and advocate for both science and practice by guiding education and lifelong learning.

For more information about SIOP, please visit

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